February 2019 Brunch

We had a light turn out today, but we had fun none the less ... and once again 4 of us continued for a couple of hours after most left … It just takes a lot of time to solve all the world’s ham problems. 

On deck today were Dr Mark KK6SMD and Midge W6LIK  from the Seal Beach/Cerritos area. Jerry K6AV came and it was great to see him since he hasn’t been in a while. He's looking good! Some of the other usual suspects were there, including some of our best supporters and joined in a good brunch and conversation. 

January 2019 Brunch

Yesterday was great fun at the Brunch …. 16 were on deck and as has been common lately a few stayed until 2:30 talking about lots of things … me included.

New on deck were Jeff KB6SUP and his wife Julie KC6ZDS … John KM6MMK, talked them into riding over on their bike with a sidecar … sorry I didn’t get a picture, it was very cool. We haven’t seen Chris N6CGS in a while since he travels a lot, but it was good to have him there. Ron AI6IX has been absent a couple of months, so good to see him too.

The cast of normal suspects were there as well …. a great turn out. 

3rd Annual 2018 DARN Bash

Well the 2018 DARN Bash is history, and it was great fun. We had well over 40 folks at the Alpine Village Restaurant, and the food was great …. and as always for our waistline, too plentiful. We had a great meal, then Mike gave a briefing on stuff done in 2018, and anticipated in 2019, then the drawing was held. Many stayed well after the raffle to chat.

November 2018 Brunch

On the DARN Brunch  front, we had another great  turn out for the November brunch … 15 folks came to fill up the Board room, and the conversation was so good the last of us left after 2pm. A fun day. By the way Uni picked a  new Vanity call: K6VVV …. I call him K6  triple V.  Good going Uni.

Sorry this photo is a bit late …. just was busy making the DARN Bash happen, but it is going to be a good one.

4th Annual 2019 DARN Bash

Our fourth annual DARN Holiday BASH will be held Sunday, December 8th at 11:00am. It is guaranteed to be lots of fun, and allow DARN members, friends and family to get together and enjoy a superb champagne brunch with superb German and American food in a great venue -- and maybe the chance to take home a cool prize.

October 2018 Brunch

Had a great brunch today… 16 folks came… including Mike, K6MJU, and KK6MJU (Theo. Mike’s son is planning on that call). Joe, WB6BJM was there with his son KF6OHM and grandson Anthony, working on his call. Joe, BJM, brought a friend Ron, K1ZPZ from Paramount. Dennis K6GSE, and Joe KK6WKT made it, and many regulars were there as well. 

We all had a good time… There were some new radios shown off, and if they pan out they will be some of the prizes at the December Bash on December 9th at alpine Village. HOLD THAT DATE, it’s going to be a great day. 

September 2018 Brunch

We had a good turnout for the September 2018 DARN Brunch--13 in total!

Jerry K6AV came, and was looking good. Diana Ai6DF, the Los Angeles ARRL Section Manager was also there for the fun. Jeff, KK6LP came and it looks like he will be joining the group. Uni came in from Landscatter … (Lancaster). Bob KQ6LS, as well as Joe WB6BJM, and his wife Maria KF6NZY. Dan K6DJS temporarily interrupted his leisure to come too.

There was a lot of chatter about the various studios represented in the group, from Disney to Sony, and a few more.