January 2020 Brunch

We had a turn out of 17, including my daughter Carmen who now sports the call K6CMN for Carmen.She was accompanied by her boyfriend Calder. Ron, AI6IX was there, as was Mark and Midge KK6SMD and W6LIK.Dennis KA6GSE came as did K6TED, TED and Andy WA6WXD. It was good to see N6CGS and N6SGB again. Some of the other usual suspects, like KK6LP, and K6FCC were on deck as was John Kitchens N6SX … Good to see you all.

Good crowd, good fun, and discussion. I brought my projector speaker and laptop and was able to show pictures of the Christmas markets and sights of Prague, Czech Republic … pretty amazing, but I had forgotten to download the CES pictures, so I will be showing the at our meeting, which will still be at the Spitfire on Saturday February 15th. Hopefully I will see you there.