September 2019 Brunch

We had a light, but lively turn out at the DARN Brunch Saturday... Sam, KK6HMP was back with us and it was good to see him. Most of the rest were the usual suspects… including Joe, Bob, Jeff, Dennis and Dean. We always have a good time and talk about just about everything. Such varied interests and experiences make it really interesting.

The next Brunch will be October 12th. Mark your calendar.



August 2019 Brunch

We had 17 come out on the 17th and overfill the room … It was great. 

Mark and Midge came up from Long Beach, Doug, DOW came missing his Fu Manchu, Joe BJM, came down from  the Hills of Hollywood. Former WB6OUK, Mike and his son Henry came and both promised to be licensed in the very near future. GSE had not come for some time, it was good to see him.

We had a really good time, and has been the way lately, several stayed until well after the Brunch to just talk and enjoy each others company.

July 2019 Brunch

We had a good turn out and once again filled the room. 

Diane AI6DF came, as did Jerry K6AV, who is looking good. Joe, WB6BJM came with one of his sons Louis, KF6NUM and Mike K6MJU came with Theo, who is growing like a weed … and almost 4 years old …. Has it really been that long? WOW.

June 2019 Brunch

Had a good turn out of 15, and filled the room. Good conversation, and I showed pictures from the Dayton Hamfest in May, as well as pix and video from the 75th Anniversary of D-Day in Normandy France. as well as a few pictures fro Paris and London all visited in a three week trip that American Express is still sending” thanks" to me for.

The next Brunch is scheduled for the third Saturday, July 20th …. but stay tuned for the announcement in case there are changes.

All in all a great day at the Spitfire, and hopefully see you all next month.

May 2019 Brunch

A light turn out again, but we had fun... The last of the guys left at 4:30, so I would guess you would have to say that ALL of the world problems had been solved by then. It's good to see Joe, WB6BJM... He is always good fun. Everyone seemed interested in the 737 MAX issue, so I went into detail on the good, bad and the ugly of that whole situation. 

Carmen and I left at noon, since we had an appointment on Saddle Peak for a little work.

All in all a great day at the Spitfire.

Today’s picture:

April 2019 Brunch

A bit of a light turn out this month, so I pumped up the numbers by bringing  my daughter Carmen and her friend Tori …. besides they wanted to go to the 3rd street promenade after the Brunch.

We had a new guest …… Khalil brought his friend Bruce, KM6UPQ who brought lively conversation to the table.

As usual, good food, good conversation and a lot of fun …. 

All in all a great day at the Spitfire.

Today’s picture:

February 2019 Brunch

We had a light turn out today, but we had fun none the less ... and once again 4 of us continued for a couple of hours after most left … It just takes a lot of time to solve all the world’s ham problems. 

On deck today were Dr Mark KK6SMD and Midge W6LIK  from the Seal Beach/Cerritos area. Jerry K6AV came and it was great to see him since he hasn’t been in a while. He's looking good! Some of the other usual suspects were there, including some of our best supporters and joined in a good brunch and conversation. 

January 2019 Brunch

Yesterday was great fun at the Brunch …. 16 were on deck and as has been common lately a few stayed until 2:30 talking about lots of things … me included.

New on deck were Jeff KB6SUP and his wife Julie KC6ZDS … John KM6MMK, talked them into riding over on their bike with a sidecar … sorry I didn’t get a picture, it was very cool. We haven’t seen Chris N6CGS in a while since he travels a lot, but it was good to have him there. Ron AI6IX has been absent a couple of months, so good to see him too.

The cast of normal suspects were there as well …. a great turn out. 

3rd Annual 2018 DARN Bash

Well the 2018 DARN Bash is history, and it was great fun. We had well over 40 folks at the Alpine Village Restaurant, and the food was great …. and as always for our waistline, too plentiful. We had a great meal, then Mike gave a briefing on stuff done in 2018, and anticipated in 2019, then the drawing was held. Many stayed well after the raffle to chat.