Membership Requirements

The Disaster Amateur Radio Network is a friendly, privately funded, private/closed 2M, 6M, 220, 440, 900, 1200, AllStarLink, IRLP and Echolink Repeater system, with autopatch and multi-band remote base, that covers all of Southern California from many mountaintop locations that we continue to add to. DARN actively supports Los Angeles area Amateur Radio Emergency Service  (ARES) groups, who in turn support the Los Angeles Department of Health Services and many area hospitals throughout Los Angeles County. We also support the Hospital Disaster Support Communications System of Orange County, the South Bay Emergency Communications Service group serving the Beach Cities. as well as the Red Cross. New members are always welcome, subject to approval, all you must do is obtain a recommendation in writing from an existing member. Because of DARN's desire to afford effective a unencumbered support for Disaster Communications through ARES, HDSCS, SBECS, and the Red Cross, dues are not required to be an emergency only user of DARN if you ONLY use the system for Emergency Communcations or related nets (non-DARN members are not to use the system outside of these instances). However, since the expenses for maintaining and keeping a wide area system up with all the latest  technology are formidable, we are very grateful for all paid yearly memberships that will both maintain our system, and help it flourish and grow. 


Membership Levels and Dues

Silver @ $50/year ($52 via PayPal): for those that want very basic full-time use of the system.

Gold @ $120/year ($126 via PayPal): in addition to Silver membership privileges, Gold membership included access to EchoLink and IRLP connectivity, as well as the ability to link/unlink individual repeaters for location conversations, etc.

Diamond @ $250/year ($258 via PayPal): In addition to the Silver and Gold membership privileges, Diamond includes access to everything DARN has to offer, including Cactus Intertie Affiliate status (with approval from K6VGP and K6MJU), 2 high-level HF remote bases and lots of other "toys" and features.


  Silver Gold Diamond
Regular Emailed Newsletter Yes Yes Yes
Linked 440 Repeater Access      
Linked 220 Repeater Access      
Linked 2M Repeater Access      
Linked 1.2GHz Repeater Access      
EchoLink "Connect" Access      
IRLP "Connect" Access      
Limited Repeater Control      
Cactus Affiliate Status      
Remote Base Access      
Premiere "Toy" Access